"Trail dust, creaking saddles, fire red sunsets, campfires, the smell of worn leather, horses and star filled nights are just a few of the things you will think of when you hear Mountain Saddle Band. Their sound will recall the days of the Old West in your heart. A unique blend of mostly old, some new, cowboy music, gospel music and cowboy poetry with a cowboy touch that will have you swayin' in the saddle and yearin' for more."
Stephen Harrington is the founder of Old West Chapel in 2001 and the Mountain Saddle Band in 2002.  He is a Singer, Songwriter and a Radio personality in the White Mountains of Arizona.  He is the past President of the Western Music Association Arizona Chapter, member of the Western Wordsmiths Chapter and the Arizona Territorial Director for the International Cowboy Church Alliance Network.
Band Member Steve Taylor has been with the band for six years and is well known for his artistic abilities as a western painter, harmonica player, song writer and poet. He attended Trinity Bible College in Chicago, where he toured and recorded with the Trinity Ambassadors Quartet.  He is a member of the Western Music Association and the Western Wordsmiths Chapter.

Band member Kenneth Bucy is the newest member of the band.  A transplanted Hoosier, moving to Arizona in 1971 to attend ASU on the GI Bill, after finishing a tour in Vietnam as an Army Ranger.  He finished his degree in music education then re-enlisted in the Army Band.  He spent 17 years in the band as a vocalist and played clarinet, sax and bass.  In 1991 he was introduced to Western Music when he joined Dr. Peter Rolland & The Cowboy Legends for six years, as a vocalist, bassist and percussionist.  After a tour in Iraq, he sang and played bass from 2006 to 2011 with "Sentimental Journey," which morphed into "Journey West."  He is a lifetime member of the Western Music Association and an Arizona Chapter member.
The Mountain Saddle Band hails from the White Mountains of Arizona near Show Low, long established cowboy country.  Members Steve Harrington, Steve Taylor and Ken Bucy have traveled extensively playing cowboy music and cowboy gospel music throughout the west.  They have developed their own unique sound and have been compared to the “Sons of The Pioneers”.  Mountain Saddle Band is a member of the Western Music Association, the Academy of Western Artists and is committed to preserving and promoting the heritage and culture of the American Cowboy.


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